After working with the Department of Human Services for several years managing group homes and doing treatment foster care in their home, as a couple Linda and Melvin Guiggey decided they wanted to try to do more for children that required out of home placement.

Melvin and Linda were then informed by the state that there was no upfront funding for opening a residential facility. They talked with state licensing for residential facilities and acquired a copy of the Maine state regulations. They than set out to write a policy and procedure for a six bed residential facility for teen girls.

Eight months later, after rewrites and communication with licensing, they were issued a license to operate a six bed facility in the home that they raised their own children in, located in Mars Hill. Due to the fact that there was no funding for startup costs they moved into another home that they owned and started their residential facility with five of those beds full and the following four weeks the sixth bed was occupied.

In 2001, The Northern Lighthouse Incorporated employed three people in the residential facility to start the program.

In 2015, we currently have over 100 employees and offer the following services to assist families and children that have varying disabilities. HCT, Case Management, Residential Treatment, Outpatient Therapy, and Section 28 Services

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