What is “Affected Other?”

Substance use does not only affect the individual. It affects their friends, family, and community. Addiction is not a one way street. The Northern Lighthouse, Inc. is committed to not only supporting the individual, but those in their life also experiencing the negative effects of someone’s substance use. It is necessary to initiate a rounded treatment model that includes education and support for those impacted by addiction.

How it works

The Northern Lighthouse, Inc offers several services to affected persons on individual in group settings. These include but are not limited to:

  • One on One Counseling Support
  • Psychoeducational Group
  • Support Groups for Children and Adults

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is offered to anyone experiencing a need for support regarding a loved one’s addiction. This includes one on one education, understanding addiction, self-care, and learning skills to support not only someone facing substance use, but everyone it involves.

Understanding Addiction and Recovery

Understanding Addiction and Recovery is a psychoeducation series offered to loved ones being impacted by substance use in an effort to help them understand addiction as a brain disease. This series also covers the effect and impact addiction has on the individual using as well as the family system. Also discussed is how to maintain one’s own recovery and relapse prevention plan separate from the addicted loved one, and the “dos and don’ts” with regard to what helps and what harms an addicted individual.

Groups for Affected Others

The Northern Lighthouse, Inc. will be offering groups for children and adults impacted by a loved one’s addiction. Groups are designed for those experiencing their own trauma, anxiety, and depression related to their unique journey connected to their loved one’s recovery process.

Groups for Children

  • Understanding Addiction and Recovery Through A Child’s Eyes
  • An Elephant in the Room

Groups for Adults

  • Breaking Free from the Victim Trap
  • Co-Dependence: What is it and How do I Change it?